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Customs & Duty

In some countries products may be subject to import duty.  We ship from our international fulfillment center in Hong Kong.  If your shipment is subject to import duty DanceAmo will issue costumers that have been subject to import duty with a discretionary shop credit for the equivalent of the duty charged up to a maximum of 20%, or whichever is lower, of the products price.

DanceAmo will not credit any duty if shoes are returned for refund.

To claim shop credit for paid import duty please keep your receipt and payment slip of the duty charged and send us a copy with email ( within 10 days of paying the duty.    DanceAmo can under no circumstance offer shop credit if you are unable to provide us with an official receipt for duty paid.

Be advised that the shop credit rebate for import duty is not a cash refund. DanceAmo can not issue cash refunds for import duty paid.  The shop credit can be used towards your next order with us.     No credit for duty can be issued if shoes are bought through promotional discount, teachers discount, or coupons discount. 

We reserve the right to change or alter these terms without notice. 




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